Master the Art of Blog Titles: A Guide for Photographers

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Your blog title plays a pivotal role in the fate of your blog post. It’s the gatekeeper that decides whether or not your content will see the light of day. Even if you’ve penned the most insightful photography guide, if your blog titles fail to hook your audience, your blog post may remain unread. Furthermore, a well-crafted title can enhance your blog’s visibility when people search for relevant content.

As a photography business coach, I encourage photographers to prioritize clarity over cleverness when it comes to their blog titles. Your title should communicate what the reader can expect from your post. To help you master the art of crafting compelling blog titles, here are three crucial tips:

Set your goal before you start writing.

Firstly, understand your business objectives. Are you aiming to attract more clients for your maternity photography? Or perhaps you want to educate your clients on what to anticipate from a family photoshoot? Identifying your business goals first can guide you in creating a blog post and, consequently, a blog title that will align with these objectives. Trust me, this strategy works wonders in generating fresh blog ideas.

Here’s a little secret: setting your goals won’t just help with your blog titles, but it will give your content, be it for Instagram or Facebook, a clear purpose and strategy.

Research Keywords for your blog titles

Your blog post could be a gold mine of insights, but if no one is searching for it, it won’t be read. Keyword research is vital to understand what potential clients are searching for and how often a specific keyword is used. For example, you might find out that people search more for ‘newborn photos’ instead of ‘lifestyle newborn photographer.’ By using the right keyword in your blog title, you increase the chances of potential clients stumbling upon your blog during their search.

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Avoid location Information in every blog title

There was a time when photographers would religiously include their location in every blog title. I raise my hand as I was guilty of that, too. The idea was that if we flooded the internet with our location-tagged posts, we would become easier to find. But the truth is, you can only rank for your location twice on a search results page. Anything beyond that, and you’ll just be competing against your own blog posts instead of leveraging other keywords. So, keep the location out of your blog title for more effective results.

Of course, you can (and should) put information within the post that mentions your area. However, by leaving it out of the post you’re helping yourself not cannibalize your own site’s rankings.

By implementing these three simple steps, you can start crafting blog titles that will not only be found but also drive traffic to your website and help you reach your business goals.

All aspects of blog writing, including crafting effective titles, are covered in my course- Blogging for Business: a Course for Photographers who want to grow their business.

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