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Hey! I am Neyssa Lee, mother of six, planning & Disney obsessed, and a Seattle area photographer who has been in your shoes trying to grow a business. I now use my super power of time management to help fellow photographers take control of their businesses. Learn more by heading to my ABOUT ME page.

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Photographer, Neyssa Lee shares her blogging tips

Ever wondered how to consistently create compelling content that your potential clients can’t resist? Welcome to the inside scoop on my blogging tips for photographers to enhance your business growth.

I have been using blogging in my business for the past 13 years. But, those first blogs were totally cringe-worthy and did not do a lot of good for my business. However, they gave me a start and I have learned a ton on what works and what does not for photographers. With that, these blogging tips will help you as a photographer looking to grow a sustainable business built on the goal of serving your clients.

These are the first three steps I take when writing blogs to ensure the process is smooth, quick, and effective. Let’s dive into the tips.

Blogging Tip for Photographers Tip 1: Start by Brainstorming Blog Topics

One of the essential blogging tips for photographers I offer is to start with a brainstorming session. THe last thing you want to do is sit down and stare at a blank cursor for hours. We don’t have time to waste as photographers, right?!

Think about the questions your clients frequently ask or consider topics that could improve their experience. Maybe it’s tips on what to wear for a session or how to choose the perfect location. Maybe it’s about helping someone have an amazing experience, or answer the questions they may have before booking a session. This approach will not only provide value to your clients but also establish you as a trusted authority in the photography industry.

Tip 2: Do Your Keyword Research

A well-thought-out topic becomes even more valuable when paired with thorough keyword research. Remember, a great topic is only impactful if your audience can find it. I use tools like SEMrush, Google search bar suggestions, and even Pinterest to discover what potential clients are looking for. This step ensures your hard work doesn’t get lost in the vast sea of internet content and puts your blog right in front of your ideal clients.

Even more, with a well-written blog and effective keyword research, you could attract clients that did not know they were looking for you yet!

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Tip 3: Outline Your Blog

Before you start writing, create a blog post outline. This simple but effective blogging tip for photographers is about saving you time and keeping you focused on your post’s main objective. With a clear roadmap, you can write more efficiently and maintain a logical flow, enhancing your readers’ experience.

For help with this, check out my blog post outline template that can guide you in structuring your content effectively.

So, there you have it. These are the tried-and-tested blogging tips for photographers that I’ve used to fuel my business growth. I’ve been in your shoes, and I know that adopting these strategies can help turn your blog into a powerful tool for attracting your dream clients.

Remember, running a successful photography business is not just about capturing stunning images but also about connecting with your clients. A well-crafted blog can bridge this gap. As you apply these tips, you’re not just blogging; you’re building relationships, sharing your expertise, and fostering a community around your brand.

Ready to dive deeper into creating an impactful photography blog? Let’s chat more about it in a personal business coaching call.

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