Resources for Photographers

Hey photographer friend. Are you looking to build your brand, streamline systems behind the scenes and earn back your precious time? 

Then you're in the right place. Keep reading and grab a free resources to get started.

You didn't start your business because you love business, but because you love photography. 

I've been in your shoes. I was in a place where I was working ALL. THE. TIME. on my business, yet seeing little growth. Instead of having more time with my family, I was struggling with overwhelm of trying to run a business and raise my kids. I reached a breaking point. Either give up on my business, or figure out strategies to run my business instead of it running my life. 

I now run a successful photography business while raising my six children. If I can do it. You can too. 

Here you'll find my tips, strategies, and tools I use to run my business more effectively and efficiently. So I can get back to doing the things I love, like photographing families and spending time with my own family.

Are you're tired of feeling like you're on a hamster wheel to nowhere?

You're in the right place.

Blogging Template for Photographers

A free guide for photographers who are ready to start blogging more efficiently and effectively for their business.

No more wasting time staring at a blinking cursor or writing blogs without a plan or purpose. Use this free template to prep each post from beginning to end. Includes an instructional template, an example of the template in use, and a blank template for you to use over and over again. Ready to start blogging better? Grab the free download below.

Start attracting dream clients and helping your current clients have smoother sessions with your blog.

Learn everything you need to know to write effective, SEO friendly blogs, that show off your brand in this step-by-step, module based course. 

Master Blogging: A Course for Photographers

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Scheduling  content with a plan will help you reach your goals faster. Use these free content planning tools to help you effectively create a plan.

Batching content for your small business can feel overwhelming. However, with the right content planning tools you can create a plan for your content that will save you time. It will also help you reach your goals as you are able to have an overall strategy for your content. 
Includes a calendar, planner, and notes pages so you can map out an entire month's of content. Get your Free Guide below.
No more random blog posts or pointless social media posts with this free guide below.

 Content Planning Tools

Neyssa Lee's Email Template Checklist for Photographers


Stop spending time writing a new email for each and every client. Save time with my email template checklist that will ensure you don't miss a step in connecting with and serving your client.

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After a busy season, do you find yourself worrying that you’ll lose momentum? Maybe you wonder what on Earth you should be doing to make the next year even better? This comprehensive checklist includes 20 tasks that will help you prepare for an amazing year in your business, it will help you get organized, stay on top of things, and even grow your audience. 
*This guide is also great if you’re in slow season looking for focus.

Starting the Year off Checklist 

A Facebook Group for women are raising kids and running a business.

My private Facebook Group is about supporting women small business owners who are searching for ways to balance work life with home life. There's a focus on helping you find efficient and effective ways to grow your business, sharing strategies and tips, stories of success, along with challenges that come with motherhood and running a business.

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