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Hey! I am Neyssa Lee, mother of six, planning & Disney obsessed, and a Seattle area photographer who has been in your shoes trying to grow a business. I now use my super power of time management to help fellow photographers take control of their businesses. Learn more by heading to my ABOUT ME page.

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Seattle photographer and photography business coach, Neyssa Lee who shares blog SEO tips

Blogging has been a cornerstone of how I grew my photography business. As a photography business coach, I emphasize the importance of content and format to make your information valuable for your clients. On my blog, I share numerous blog writing tips specifically for photographers. Among these, certain blog SEO tips are crucial for expanding your blog’s organic reach.

SEO is a commonly discussed term, and many will promise “quick fixes” for a hefty price. However, these straightforward blog SEO tips will set you on the right path with your blog writing.

Are you ready to dive in? Let’s get started!

The first blog SEO tip is to begin with keyword research.

Before you begin writing your post, conduct thorough keyword research. As a newborn photographer, I generate blog topics that highlight my photography style. Without keyword research, I might assume that “lifestyle newborn photographer” is an ideal keyword. However, actual keyword research reveals that the search volume for this term is very low. In other words, only few people are searching for a “lifestyle newborn photographer.”

This blog SEO tip ensures that what you write about will be found by your target audience. You can use free tools like Semrush or Ubersuggest for your keyword research.

Next up, use headings to break up text

Writing blogs with long strings of text can be overwhelming for readers and ineffective for SEO. Instead, use headings (specifically header 2, or h2) to break up your post.

For example, in this post, each new tip is introduced with a heading. This makes the content easier to skim, allowing readers to quickly grasp the main blog SEO tips.

Another SEO tip for blogging is to optimize alt text for images

Alt text is designed to help visually impaired users understand what an image depicts when using special readers. Google also uses alt text to “see” what your photos represent.

This is not the place to stuff keywords, but naturally include your keyword in the alt text if it is relevant to the image. This blog SEO tip helps Google understand the context of your images and improves your blog’s SEO.

The final blog SEO tip is to incorporate internal and external links

Using both internal and external links within your blog is another essential SEO tip.

Internal links direct readers to other pages or blog posts on your site, while external links point to other relevant sites. Ensure that these links are pertinent to the content you are writing. For instance, in this post, I have included links that provide additional value and context.

Conclusion: Simple Changes for Big Results

These four blog SEO tips are simple changes that can significantly improve how you write your blogs. By using proper keywords, headings, alt text, and links, you’ll set your blogs on the right path.

Blog SEO tips are just one aspect covered in my course, Blogging for Business. Imagine having a step-by-step process for writing blogs that save you time and help grow your photography business. Discover all this and more in the course.

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