How to Start Outsourcing for Your Photography Business

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The photography business is more than just clicking the shutter and capturing beautiful memories. It’s the invoicing, the scheduling, the post-processing, and often, the late-night bookkeeping. A successful photography business is just that, a business. Yet, if you’ve ever felt the pinch of these countless tasks, you’re not alone. In fact, outsourcing for your photography business might just be the golden ticket you’re looking for.

Where to Start in Outsourcing: Address the Bottlenecks

Every business, no matter the industry, has its own set of challenges. In the realm of photography, it’s often those pesky tasks that pull you away from your creative space. You know the ones. It’s probably on your to-do list right now, keeps getting pushed back. Or you look at that one task and think “UGH” I don’t wanna!

That is the perfect place to start when outsourcing for your photography business.

Begin by identifying those areas of bottleneck (and/or dread). Are you spending countless hours editing images? Or perhaps, like me, the thought of accounting and taxes sends you into a downward spiral of procrastination.

For me, the breaking point came the night before taxes were due, sifting through receipts and feeling completely overwhelmed. It was clear; that bookkeeping was my bottleneck. It was time to hire someone to take on the task that not only enjoyed it, but that would be MUCH quicker than I was.

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Choosing What to Outsource

After pinpointing your pain points, decide which of these you’re comfortable relinquishing control over. The idea isn’t to give away all your responsibilities but to lighten the load so you can focus on what truly matters.

If you’re a control freak like me. I get it. However, you’ve read this far. You know you need to start outsourcing in your photography business or you’ll drown in business tasks.

Fellow control freak, take a deep breath with me. Now imagine what you’re life will be like without that task. What could you do in the amount of time you’re spending doing that task?

Okay, now you’re readying to continue the process of outsourcing for your photography business.

If a particular task is causing you anxiety to even think of outsourcing, park that for later. Typically editing causes people the most stress to outsource. I get it. I waited too long to outsource that too. So begin with something else less challenging, like accounting, creating social media posts or writing blogs.

Once you’ve chosen a task to outsource, ask a few trusted industry friends for references. Limit your options—too many and you’ll find yourself overwhelmed again.

Taking the Leap Outsourcing for Your Photography Business

Dive in, but with caution. Understand there’s a learning curve involved, not just for you but for the person or company you’re outsourcing to. It’s crucial to maintain open communication during the initial stages, setting expectations and ensuring they align with your brand’s vision.

It may take longer when starting to outsource for your photography business. But give it a little time.

And remember, not every partnership will be a perfect fit. If things aren’t progressing as you’d hoped, it’s okay to revisit your decision, opt for another professional, or try a different company.

The Continuous Journey of Outsourcing for Your Photography Business

The beauty of realizing the potential of outsourcing for your photography business is that it opens doors to endless possibilities. Once you’ve successfully outsourced one task, evaluate the next bottleneck. Not every solution will involve outsourcing. Sometimes, it’s about streamlining your process. Implementing a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system (like HoneyBook*) or a booking calendar (like Calendly) can work wonders in organizing your workflow and saving you valuable time.

Even more, consider areas outside of your photography business that you could outsource. Maybe this means hiring a cleaner a few times per month to give you extra time to focus on family and business. Maybe you try a meal delivery system or a meal planning system.

Just like outsourcing for your photography business, you can

Outsourcing for your photography business isn’t about losing control; it’s about reclaiming your time and energy to focus on your passion.

By addressing bottlenecks, choosing the right tasks, and continuously re-evaluating your business processes, you’re setting yourself up for success. It’s a journey, but one well worth embarking on.

Looking for places to begin and resources? Check out my favorite business tools, and grab a few of my free resources for photographers.

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