Seven Proven Tactics for Sustainable Photography Business Growth

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Hey! I am Neyssa Lee, mother of six, planning & Disney obsessed, and a Seattle area photographer who has been in your shoes trying to grow a business. I now use my super power of time management to help fellow photographers take control of their businesses. Learn more by heading to my ABOUT ME page.

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The pursuit of passion often leads to an entrepreneurial journey. Many photographers initiate their businesses, driven by a passion for capturing moments, not necessarily a love for business. However, when it comes to ensuring sustainable growth for your photography business, knowing how to attract and retain clients becomes essential.

If you find yourself questioning what steps to take to stimulate growth or wondering how to attract more clients, you’re not alone. Here, we delve into seven actionable strategies that can bolster your photography business growth. These tactics, tested and applied in my own business, are not quick fixes but foster long-term, sustainable growth. They won’t merely help you gain new clients but will ensure their retention year after year.

Ready to dive in? Let’s get started.

SEO: The Magic Wand for Online Visibility (which means ideal photography business growth)

The first strategy to focus on is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your website. It’s not about stuffing keywords haphazardly but learning and applying SEO techniques so you can routinely update and optimize your site. I strongly believe in empowering yourself with basic SEO knowledge to manage your website independently. A recommended resource is MaryBeth Bryant of MB Bryant Images, who provides useful free resources on SEO for photography businesses.

Never Stop Learning: Enroll in a Course

Consider investing in your skills as a photographer and a business owner by enrolling in a course. Your photography business will undoubtedly benefit from continual learning and skill enhancement.

If you’re slow now is the time for personal and professional growth. Spoiler alert: I offer two courses that you can take and start seeing changes in your business. Or if you’re unsure and looking for something specific, reach out. I’m happy to help you with recommendations.

Regular Blogging: A Magnet for Dream Clients and Photography Business Growth

Blogging can significantly benefit your photography business. It can be a game-changer, attracting your ideal clients and enabling you to serve them better. Be it during a break at your day job or in your free time, invest time in blogging.

Blogging has been (and still is) huge in my business as a family and newborn photographer. Early on in my business, I focused on things I could do, blogging was one of them. I’d say it has been a major reason I’ve had such great photography business growth.

If blogging seems daunting, check out free resources like our Blogging Template for Photographers.

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Community Engagement: A Win-Win Situation for Photography Business Growth

Actively participate in your local community. Look for ways to serve, contribute, and address local needs. This engagement not only enhances your visibility but also fosters trust among potential clients. You could host mini sessions for local causes, collaborate with local businesses, or donate a photography session for local school fundraisers. Remember, serving your community and making a difference is a rewarding experience in itself.

Model Calls: An Answer to Content Drought

When client bookings are sparse, maintaining an active social media presence can be challenging. Organizing model calls can provide you with fresh content to share and allow you to showcase the kind of work you wish to attract. It can also trigger social media shares and tags, which ultimately spread awareness about your business.

Treat these not as ways to make income right now, but to keep up on your skills in working with clients, to fulfill the need for more content for social media, and to add to your portfolio images you may be missing.

Network with Fellow Photographers

Networking can be a game-changer for your business. It enables learning from others’ experiences, opens opportunities for collaboration, and creates a support system for you in the industry. Attend local and international photography events or join online photography groups to broaden your network.

In the early days, constant focus on growing my photography business was a lonely journey. That is why I created the Facebook Group for Photographers. To have a space to connect, share wins and struggles, ask questions, and more.

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Offer Unparalleled Customer Experience

Lastly, but most importantly, offer an unparalleled experience to your clients. Providing exceptional service and personalized experiences will not only ensure repeat bookings but also stimulate word-of-mouth referrals, one of the most powerful marketing strategies.

While it is easy to have tunnel-vision about getting more clients, more bookings, more photography business growth, it’s just as easy to forget those clients you do have. Serve them, show up for them, say thank you and ensure you’ve provided them with an experience to remember (and share!).

These seven strategies are something you can start implementing today to spur your photography business growth. So, what will be your first step?

If you love invaluable photography business tips, explore my wide array of resources to help manage your business more efficiently and effectively – from the YouTube Channel to a Weekly Newsletter, and a growing blog, to 1-on-1 Business Coaching. I have you covered.

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