Why Now Might Be The Best Time To Hire A Business Coach

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Have you ever found yourself questioning whether your business has hit a plateau? Or maybe you’re constantly overwhelmed with the workload, leaving you little room to think about growth. If you can resonate with these feelings, then perhaps it’s time to consider taking that important step to hire a business coach.

In the past, I’ve emphasized how invaluable having a mentor can be for photographers. The right business coach can provide key insights to help you develop efficiency, structure, and accelerate growth. But knowing when to take the leap can be a bit of a challenge.

I have personally experienced huge business growth whenever I have worked with a mentor (or business coach). Yet I also cannot manage to have a coach constantly. With that, when is the best time to hire a business coach for your photography business?

Though a proficient business coach can contribute positively at any phase of your business, certain periods make their intervention most potent. Let’s delve into when you might most need to hire a business coach.

Hire a Business Coach When You’re Experiencing Slow or Stagnant Business Growth

This one may feel tough. When times are slow, you actually have the time and energy into making changes in your business. Your lack of income makes it a little terrifying to spend money in your business .

However, if you feel like you’re constantly hitting a wall despite trying everything to scale your business, it’s an ideal time to consult a business coach. An external perspective can often identify areas that may be impeding your progress. A coach can offer new strategies or highlight areas you may have overlooked, helping you get back on the path of growing your business.

Another Good Time is When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed

If you’re frequently swamped by your business’s demands, it’s another clear sign that you need a coach’s expertise. This sense of overwhelm is often not due to an excess of clients but a lack of effective systems and strategies.

A business coach can help you identify and rectify these areas in your business, causing the overwhelm. As a photography business coach, (and a mom of 6), this area is a specialty of mine. Helping you streamline, devising a plan to regain control, and allowing you to focus on business growth without the accompanying stress.

Photographer, Neyssa Lee shares when to hire a business coach

Hire a Business Coach When You Want to Make Significant Changes in Your Business

Major shifts in your business, such as transitioning to full-time photography, adding new service genres, or rebranding, can be stressful and fraught with uncertainty. At such moments, a business coach can provide guidance and ensure a smoother transition, helping you navigate the potential pitfalls with ease.

Raise your hand if you’ve asked for help with an idea in a Facebook group! (My hand is raised, too). Let me tell you, while I’m all for community and asking questions in a group setting (that’s why I started a Facebook Community for Photographers), I also know how you can get 30 different opinions leading to complete research and decision fatigue.

Hiring a business coach can help alleviate that decision overwhelm when you’re trying to make those big changes.

Do you recognize yourself in any of the situations described above?

If so, it might be the perfect time to explore options for hiring a business coach tailored to your needs. Head over to my coaching packages to find out which pathway is the right fit for your photography business.

Not quite there yet? I’ve compiled several free resources designed to help you make incremental yet impactful changes. Check out offerings like the Ultimate Time Saving Template for Photographers or Free Content Planning Tools, and more.

Remember, deciding to hire a business coach is a significant step towards sustainable growth and success. You’re not just getting an advisor; you’re gaining a partner dedicated to your business’s improvement. So if you’re ready to take your business to the next level, it might be time to make that crucial investment.

And to those hesitant about whether to hire a business coach, remember this: the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.

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